Monday, December 9, 2013

[EVENT] Calling for Donation: Presents for The Heirs Actors and Actresses

Hello everyone, as we all know, drama The Heirs is coming to an end with the last 2 episodes airing next Wednesday and Thursday. To celebrate the hard work of all the brilliant actors and actresses of the drama, our Fanclub is collaborating with Shin Hye's Official Korean Fanclub to buy some gifts for the cast of Heirs.

Our target is to raise as much funds as possible so as to get gifts for each and every actor/actress of the Heirs, to congratulate them for their effort, and to show our heartfelt appreciation to them for bringing us such an awesome drama this winter. We <3 Heirs!

This is a valuable chance to show international fans' love and support for the cast and we hope that you would be able to join us in this meaningful celebration. To join, please donate to the event:

** if you wish to participate as a Fanclub and would like your logo included in the presents, please email us your Fanclub name + logo after your donation. ***

*** We will include your country's name in the presents. If you wish to have your country represented, please donate to the event. On the donation page, please specify "heirs event + your country's name. e.g. heirs event, Japan***

Countries represented (updated as of Dec 10 11:30pm KST)
Hong Kong
Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom

Donate via Paypal:

The deadline for donation is FRIDAY, December 13 2013. The event is aimed to be held next week (after the broadcast of Ep 20, last episode of Heirs) We apologize for the tight deadline as we just confirmed the schedule with the Korean staff today.

Thank you!

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