Sunday, December 29, 2013

Meet Jimmy: Shin Hye's child, our child, your child

Jimmy* is boy from El Salvador (South America). He has big brown eyes and always wears a bright smile on his face. He loves playing with his friends and drawing pictures.  His favorite festival is Christmas.

Jimmy also loves to read and write and he has a dream. His dream is to go to school to learn reading and writing so that one day he can be a doctor. But sadly, his family cannot afford to provide him with a school education nor daily necessities. Jimmy lives in the poorest area of El Salvador and is a victim of poverty. Luckily, fate worked its miracles and everything changed for him and for us in January of 2013.

Our team first met Jimmy through the non-profit organization Save The Children, which has a child sponsorship program allowing each donor to sponsor a child living in developing countries so that he/she can have a chance to go to school. Our team, after hearing about Jimmy’s life story and request for aid, decided to sponsor him under the name Park Shin Hye.

So now Jimmy has become Shin Hye’s child, our child, and your child as well. You may ask, ‘how is Jimmy related to me?’ Every year, when our club asks fans to donate towards Christmas and Birthday presents for Shin Hye, we save a portion of the money and donate $28 USD each month (= $28 x 12 = $336 USD each year) to Save The Children to sponsor Jimmy’s education and provide him with the necessities for a healthy nutrition. So Jimmy is indeed your child as well, our dear friends.

It has been one year since we started sponsoring Jimmy and we are truly grateful to know that he is doing well in school. He is a hardworking student and enjoys learning with his friends. He recently celebrated his birthday and is now 6 years old! 

To fulfill Jimmy’s dream and to protect him from being exploited by poverty of the chance to learn in school, PSHIFC has pledged to continue sponsoring Jimmy under Shin Hye’s name in the years to come until he finishes school. With the help of Save the Children and your support, we are able to save a child’s live, protect him from exploitation and provide him with hope for the future.

Thank you for reading. Happy New Year! :)

*** Photos and full name are not shown to protect the privacy and identity of the child***

2015 update:

You can learn more about Save the Children's child sponsorship efforts by visiting this website: