Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye World Tour in Japan: 2014 Story of Angel

As announced earlier in the year, Park Shin Hye is to embark on a World Tour to meet her oversea fans. As such, she already went to New York City back in May as part of the Dramafever Awards show. The weekend of July 19-20th, Shin Hye was in Osaka and Tokyo holding fan meetings with her Japanese fans. 

Here are some activities of the fan meetings in both Osaka and Tokyo:
Performed "Story" from "The Heirs"
Performed "Without Words" from "You're Beautiful"
Shin Hye's brother, Shin Won came on stage and had a solo performance
Shin Hye and Shin Won performed "My Dear"

Interview and watch three scenes from "The Heirs"
1. When Eun Sang returns from the states.
2. Forehead kiss from Kim Tan
3. Kim Tan and Eun Sang at the seaside town where Kim Tan back hugged her

Shin Hye wears Jeguk school uniform and makes mango smoothies
Photo sessions with lucky fans in poses from scenes from "The Heirs"
Lucky fans receiving gifts and autographed photos from Shin Hye

The fan meeting ended with Shin Hye performing, "The Day We Fall In Love" from "Heartstrings"

Her next leg of her world tour includes: China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore.