Friday, January 23, 2015

[VIDEO] Park Shin Hye Drops By Jung Yong Hwa's Hologram

Park Shin Hye proved once again the kind of friend that she is- loyal and true to her word, when she visited her friend Jung Yong Hwa during the taping of the first episode of his reality show, Hologram.

Squeezing in what little time she had in the midst of her busy schedule doing live shooting for Pinocchio Shin Hye dropped by to give her friend some words of encouragement, flowers and a selca stick. Shin Hye, knowing Jung Yong Hwa was doing a (sort-of) one man reality show, gifted and taught Yong Hwa how to use the selca stick in case he gets tired of holding his camera.

The effortless camaraderie shared even way back You’re Beautiful days resurfaced in the easy teasing and laughter during the short visit.