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[VIDEO] Hong Kong J2 'Star Talk' Park Shin Hye Interview + ENG SUB

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Interviewer: Today's' guest is a Korean actress who started out as a child actress and starred in a lot of dramas well-known to us and starred as many characters likable to us. She also received a lot of awards. Let's welcome Park Shin Hye!

Hello Park Shin Hye-ssi, It's great meeting you for the first time.

Park Shin Hye: Nice meeting you too

I: Please say a greeting to Hong Kong fans.

PSH: Hello fans in Hong Kong, I am Park Shin Hye, it's great seeing you all.

I: It's your first fansign event in Hong Kong, how do you feel?

PSH: Although this was my first fansign event in Hong Kong, I had already been to Hong Kong a few times before this, so I don't feel unfamiliar with the city. Hong Kong makes me feel very welcomed. Hong Kong fans also...When I have fanmeeings overseas, fans from other countries also went to the FMs and HK fans are among them; I feel at ease and comfortable when I'm here.

I: Hong Kong audience really likes watching your dramas and films. You starred as many characters, do you have a favorite character among those you starred as?

PSH: It's very difficult to pick one. Each project is very precious to me, very unforgettable. But if I have to choose one.. it would be 'You're Beautiful', as it was the first project that introduced me to foreign fans. I also like Heirs and my recent drama Pinocchio.

I: You've worked with a lot of male actors. Do you have a favorite male actor among those you've worked with?

PSH: All actors are very charming and very down to earth, we had a lot of chemistry during filming. They're all very nice, like Jang Geun Suk, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, and the sunbaes i worked with in the film 'Miracle of Cell No. 7'. We had great chemistry. During filming with them, I felt like I had chosen very good projects to participate filming in, which allowed me to work with these wonderful actors. I always feel like this.

I: In the drama Pinocchio, your character is very cute because she suffers from Pinocchio Syndrome whenever she lies. In real life, do you have some special quirks like that? For example when you're nervous?

PSH: I don't have any quirks when I tell lies, but my parents would know immediately when I'm lying, maybe because we have been together for a long time, I don't even know what kind of behavior I exhibit when I lie. When I'm nervous.. I would touch my hair often and... my mouth muscles would tense.

I: During your recent appearance on variety show 'Three Meals a Day', you cooked really well, you washed dishes and did a lot of household chores. Do you cook in your daily life with your family or friends?

PSH: When my whole family used to live together in the past, I would cook often. Because I really like eating, I like cooking for myself and others. But since my parents have started operating a restaurant, I no longer cook often. When I am traveling with friends I cook. But during daily life... no I don't cook as often anymore.

I: What is your favorite food?

PSH: I really like kimchi and anything with kimchi. Kimchi-jigae, kimchi-jjim, fried kimchi, etc.

I: What kind of friends or people do you cook for usually?

PSH: My friends, and people from my agency. When I go traveling or picnic/camping, I would cook too. People around me... have tried my cooking.

I: What do your friends think about your cooking?

PSH: They think I am like a mother.

I: You said before that you wanted to get married at 23., and now you postponed to getting married before 30. What do you personally think about marriage?

PSH: As I grow older... my marriage age has also postponed gradually. Even when i said I wanted to get married early, my unnis and oppas around me would tell me that I would wish to get married older as I grow older. Strangely, their word has become quite accurate. Just that.. there's an increasing number of things that I can do and that I want to do, so I want to have more time and get married later.

I: If you become a wife one day, have you imagined what life would become after getting married?

PSH: A family that members live comfortably with one another like friends, a very warm family is what I've always wished for. To be able to communicate well with my kids often like friends. A very warm and sweet family living simple lives.

I: How many kids (would you like to have)?

PSH: Ideally, one boy and one girl. At least 2 kids.

I: To be able to have a harmonious family like the one you described, the spouse is very important too. What's your ideal type?

PSH: Someone who has leadership skills but not arrogant and can take care of one's family. Humorous, so the whole family can always laugh and be happy.

I: His hobbies?

PSH: My dad loves doing sports with the whole family. I grew up playing and learning sports from my dad. So I hope my future husband can play badminton, bowling.. those sports that can involve the whole family.

I: You started as a child actress joining the industry at a young age. From your experience, what do you think you have gained and lost from being a celebrity at a young age?

PSH: Joining the career earlier than others could allow one to be successful faster. As for things I've lost, as I set my target at a young age and had to work hard for the target, I had to give up a lot of things. For example, I started out earlier and gained attention at a younger age, so there would be jealousy among friends and I had to endure this by myself. Things like that.

I: The audience really likes your dramas, characters. If you could choose again, would you choose to be an actress or another career?

PSH: An actor's life is very charming, so it would be difficult for me to choose... If I have to choose whether to become an actress again, judging from what I experienced when I was young.. I would still choose to be an actress, but would do it in a different way. If I were to become an actor again from the beginning, I would choose a target and path different from the one I am having now.

I: What do you want to work on in future?

PSH: To begin with, I will continue choosing scripts this year. In August I willcontinue my Asia FM tour. I will take a rest in July and start working again in August.

I: Do you have something to tell our Hong Kong fans?

PSH: My fansign event in Hong Kong this time was not short.. but can't be said as.. long? Unfortunately it was a very short time spent with you all. I will try my best to bring a good project to meet everyone. I will work hard on being able to meet you all closely next year too. Hope everyone will stay healthy, and please continue to love and support me. Thank you.

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[NEWS] Park Shin Hye's interview with HK Newspaper

During Korean actress Park Shin Hye's trip to Hong Kong for her Dream of Angel in Hong Knog event last weekend, she sat down for an interview with Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily.

When asked about her impression of Hong Kong men, she complimented them for being warm-hearted and kind. She also shared that her ideal significant other is a man who looks after his family well, responsible and emotionally fulfilling, and of course, capable of taking care of her.

Park Shin Hye starred in SBS drama Pinocchio last year, and she expressed her wish to take up more challenging roles in future, such as doctor or policewoman. She will be returning to school to complete her final semester in the 2nd half of 2015, and at the same time continue her Asia Dream of Angel FM Tour.

Last month, Park Shin Hye guest starred in Korean variety show 'Three Meals a Day' and showcased her talented cooking skills. Netizens honored her with the name "Park Jang Geum". The humble actress said her cooking is not as great as people perceive her to be, as she just cooked a few dishes she is good at in the show. She said the name "Park Jang Geum" makes her feel burdened.

When she was guest starring in 'Three Meals a Day', the cast loved her so much that they kept on mentioning wanting Park Shin Hye to be a fixed cast of the show. However, she said she thinks she lacks variety show skills, and gives herself a rating of -100 (negative 100 score) for variety. She thinks she is a better audience than a participant.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translation: Park Shin Hye International Fanclub.

Watch Shin Hye's appearance on 'Three Meals a Day' with English subtitles here:

[DRAMA] Celebrating the 4th Anniversary of Hayate the Combat Butler + Eng Sub full series

Today, June 19 2015, is the 4th Anniversary of Shin Hye's Taiwanese drama Hayate the Combat Butler, which she filmed in Taiwan and Fukuoka, Japan. It was the first overseas collaboration drama that Shin Hye worked on and the series was broadcast on Taiwan's national TV in the summer of 2011.

You can watch the series (20 episodes) with English Subtitles at the following address:

Our staff at PSHIFC visited Shin Hye at the Fukuoka filming set back in Christmas 2010 and brought with us a lot of Christmas gifts for her. Read the fan account here:

Here's a magazine interview on the drama:

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[TV] Park Shin Hye on Hong Kong J2's 'Star Talk' interview trailer

Shin Hye will appear on Hong Kong TV channel J2's 'Star Talk', and will talk about work, marriage and her ideal family. In the trailer, she is seen saying that because she has a lot that she can do now (work) and needs more time to work, so she will likely postpone marriage to a later time.  Her ideal family is one that she can have a very comfortable, friendship-like relationship with her spouse, and a very sweet and harmonious family. As for her ideal husband, she is looking for a person who has leader capabilities, has a good sense of humor, so the family can smile and laugh a lot. 

This interview will be featured in June 21's episode of Star Talk! 

[VIDEO] LOTTE Department Store mini interview with Park Shin Hye

[INFO] Pre-order Pinocchio Director's Cut DVD

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[VIDEO] Park Shin Hye on "Three Meals A Day" S02E02 & S02E03 Eng Sub

Episode 2

Episode 3

Cr: HottestCollab

[PHOTO] Median 2015 new photos

[VIDEO] Three Meals A Day cast calls Park Shin Hye on the phone ENG SUB

[CF] Park Shin Hye for VISA 2015

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye's winner pictorial for 51st Paeksang Arts Awards

InStyle has unveiled a new pictorial featuring actress Park Shin Hye for the 51st Paeksang Arts Awards.

The awards ceremony, which was held on May 26 2015 at Kyung Hee University's Peace Palace Hall, awarded Park Shin Hye the Female Popularity Award for her leading role in 2014 movie "The Royal Tailors"

If you have not watched "The Royal Tailors" yet, visit the following link for the full movie with English subtitiles:

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[NEWS] Dutiful Daughter Park Shin Hye

The June 15th episode of tvN's 'Name List' revealed a list of "Stars who made their families prosperous".

Park Shin Hye was ranked seventh among dutiful Korean celebrities. Her side as a dutiful daughter was previously revealed when she appeared in an episode of  'Three Meals A Day – Jeongseon'. She in fact showed off how great she was at grilling lamb intestines so tastefully. She is well-known for helping her parents at their restaurant specializing in lamb intestine dishes. She also set up the restaurant with her own fund that she worked hard to save for the last 10 years.

People around the restaurant compliment her a lot because she serves, and even washes dishes. When her parents were on vacation, Park Shin Hye ran the restaurant for one week for her parents. When it was known at the time, many Chinese clients visited the restaurant.

In addition to all the good deeds, Park Shin Hye also takes her parents on trip driving her own car by herself. It is known that, even when her schedule is crazily busy, she herself prepares the birthday meals for her parents.

Cr: TV Daily, Han Cinema

[ENG SUB] The Royal Tailor full movie

[Movie] The Royal Tailor English Subtitle by Mohamed Sunbae from PSHARAB on Vimeo.
Subtitles credit: Mohamed Sunbae

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

[FAN ACCOUNT] Dream of Angel in Hong Kong 2015

Two weeks ago it was announced that Shin Hye would be stopping by Hong Kong as part of her Dream of Angel Tour 2015. The event would be a fansign instead of a fanmeeting, where she would play games with fans and sign posters at a mall. I managed to get a ticket to the event to represent PSHIFC and her international fans and in this account, I will give a 1st person's perspective into my 2-day encounter with Shin Hye in Hong Kong. (Special thanks to Bernard&Simmy for these amazing photographs)

On Friday June 12, Shin Hye arrived in Hong Kong at 4:12pm (HKT). She would exit the airport via Exit A of Hong Kong International Airport's arrivals hall. Exit A has 2 openings. One is at the side, and one is at the end of a extended pathway. Together with some HK fans, I went to the airport early to anticipate her arrival with  a bouquet of flowers. At around 4:20pm, a group of reporters crowded at the side opening. then literally 10 seconds later, Shin Hye came out!!! She was immediately swarmed by fans and reporters. She received the flowers from us. 


Then she walked along the connecting hallway to the carpark of the airport hotel. It was quite a long walk, but she was very elegant and waved to fans cheerfully. Then she boarded a car and it drove away.

The next day, the event started at 3:00pm but some HK fans and I arrived early to get places with a good view.The stage was designed such that the media would be placed in front of fans so it was important to get a good place to watch the event. By noon, the mall was already full of fans and spectators awaiting Shin Hye's arrival.

Shin Hye arrived with a 'catwalk'; she descended from a floor up to the stage via an escalator. She looked sooo beautiful just like an angel descending from the heavens. The background music was her drama Heirs' theme song (by Lee Honggi).  Then she walked onto the stage wearing a beautiful navy dress and navy heels. She said "Hello" in Korean and Cantonese. Fans responded with a united "Saranghaeyo!" and lots of screaming and cameras clicking away. 

She said she was really happy to be in Hong Kong and kept waving to her fans. Shin Hye also waved to her fans watching from the floors above. After posing for photographs for the press, she started the playing games with fans. There were 2 games and I was picked for the 1st game *insert fangirl screams*!

Ok so the 1st game was a food game. Two teams of two people each competed against each other. Shin Hye would call out the name of the dimsum she wanted (in Cantonese), then one of the members of a team would have to guess what it was and get the food item using a pair of chopsticks. Another member of the team would catch the item with a plate and give it to Shin Hye who would verify whether it was correct or not. In the end, my team won (yay! teammate!). My teammate and I both won a copy of Shin Hye's photobook each. My teammate got crowned as Dae Jang Geum and I got fed dimsum by Shin Hye LOL. It was fun. 

The 2nd game was a modelling game. 3 fans were picked to dress up + imitate Shin Hye's poses from some of her magazine photoshoots. It was very hilarious and Shin Hye had a good laugh out of it. The fans imitated her really well with the use of props!

After that, Shin Hye took a group photo with all her fans. 

Then, it was time for media interview. During the interview, She revealed that she likes Hong Kong food a lot and she went to a restaurant that serves yummy HK food the night before. She said the next leg of her tour is Taiwan, and she is currently deciding where to stop for FM tour after Taiwan. Other than that, she hopes that she will be able to have a proper FM in Hong Kong next year. 

When asked about her style, Shin Hye said although she wears formal dresses for public events, when she is not working, she actually likes wearing tank tops and jeans. She likes to do sports and listen to music during her free time. 

Toward the end of the interview, Shin Hye revealed that she learned something really sad this morning - her grandpa passed away. Originally she planned to stay in HK until Monday, but she decided to cut her trip short and return to Korea tonight because of that. Fans fell silent at the news, and suddenly there was an outburst of "Fighting!" "Shin Hye him-nae!!" and a lot of sympathy. Shi Hye was very touched and said she was ok, and was very grateful for fans' support and understanding. We are so sorry for your loss, Shin Hye. It must had been a difficult day for her.  Our thought and prayers are with her and her family. 

After that was time for the fansign. It was announced that because Shin Hye had to catch a flight back to Seoul, so the fansign would be kept simple: no header (name) for the fansign, no hugs and no hand shaking, in order to allow her to leave quickly for the airport. Fans were very understanding and the fansign was done very swiftly. I conveyed our condolences on behalf of fans to her and she said she was ok, and that she would stay strong. I also gave her a present on behalf of PSHIFC and international fans - a Daniel Wellington watch. 

After the fansign, it was time to say goodbye. Shin Hye once again thanked her fans, and said she was sorry about having to break the sad news earlier. She said although her grandpa passed away and she is in Hong Kong, he would be very happy to know that she is surrounded by fans today who love and support her. She thanked fans over and over again. It was an emotional moment. We love you, Shin Hye. Please stay strong. 

The event ended with cheers and a promise that she would be back to see her fans in Hong Kong in the near future.