Wednesday, June 3, 2015

[EVENT] Park Shin Hye 2015 Hong Kong Fansign Event Ticketing Information

Park Shin Hye's Dream of Angel in Hong Kong 
Fansign Event Ticketing Information

Date:      June 13 2015 
Venue:   P1 Atrium, World Trade Centre(wtc more), Causeway Bay 
Time:     3:00pm 

How to get tickets: 

Spend a minimum of $1500 HKD at the mall and pay with electronic currency (credit card, debit card, HK Octopus card), and bring the receipts to the Customer Service Centre at P2 of the mall to exchange 1 ticket. Among the $1500 HKD, at least one receipt must be from dining and at least one receipt must be from shopping. Each receipt must have a minimum spending value of $100 HKD. 

Exchange period:   June 6-7 2015 1:00-10:00pm 
Exchange venue:   Customer Service Centre, P2 of the mall. 
Quota:                   100 tickets