Tuesday, June 16, 2015

[NEWS] Dutiful Daughter Park Shin Hye

The June 15th episode of tvN's 'Name List' revealed a list of "Stars who made their families prosperous".

Park Shin Hye was ranked seventh among dutiful Korean celebrities. Her side as a dutiful daughter was previously revealed when she appeared in an episode of  'Three Meals A Day – Jeongseon'. She in fact showed off how great she was at grilling lamb intestines so tastefully. She is well-known for helping her parents at their restaurant specializing in lamb intestine dishes. She also set up the restaurant with her own fund that she worked hard to save for the last 10 years.

People around the restaurant compliment her a lot because she serves, and even washes dishes. When her parents were on vacation, Park Shin Hye ran the restaurant for one week for her parents. When it was known at the time, many Chinese clients visited the restaurant.

In addition to all the good deeds, Park Shin Hye also takes her parents on trip driving her own car by herself. It is known that, even when her schedule is crazily busy, she herself prepares the birthday meals for her parents.

Cr: TV Daily, Han Cinema