Friday, June 19, 2015

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye's interview with HK Newspaper

During Korean actress Park Shin Hye's trip to Hong Kong for her Dream of Angel in Hong Knog event last weekend, she sat down for an interview with Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily.

When asked about her impression of Hong Kong men, she complimented them for being warm-hearted and kind. She also shared that her ideal significant other is a man who looks after his family well, responsible and emotionally fulfilling, and of course, capable of taking care of her.

Park Shin Hye starred in SBS drama Pinocchio last year, and she expressed her wish to take up more challenging roles in future, such as doctor or policewoman. She will be returning to school to complete her final semester in the 2nd half of 2015, and at the same time continue her Asia Dream of Angel FM Tour.

Last month, Park Shin Hye guest starred in Korean variety show 'Three Meals a Day' and showcased her talented cooking skills. Netizens honored her with the name "Park Jang Geum". The humble actress said her cooking is not as great as people perceive her to be, as she just cooked a few dishes she is good at in the show. She said the name "Park Jang Geum" makes her feel burdened.

When she was guest starring in 'Three Meals a Day', the cast loved her so much that they kept on mentioning wanting Park Shin Hye to be a fixed cast of the show. However, she said she thinks she lacks variety show skills, and gives herself a rating of -100 (negative 100 score) for variety. She thinks she is a better audience than a participant.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translation: Park Shin Hye International Fanclub.

Watch Shin Hye's appearance on 'Three Meals a Day' with English subtitles here: