Sunday, August 16, 2015

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye Wants to Drink Bubble Tea in Taiwan, Denies Talking about Dating Rumors

25-year-old Hallyu star Park Shin Hye arrives August 15 for her fanmeeting at ATT Showbox the following day. The organizer has arranged for her for VIP pickup at the Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, a chauffeured Mercedes for commute, and a 1,175 sq. ft, 5-star VIP hotel suite that costs $45,000 New Taiwan Dollars per night for accommodations.

During her media interview in the afternoon on the 15th, Park Shin Hye was asked about the rumors between her and Pinocchio co-star Lee Jong Suk, to which she declined to answer and rejected all love-related interview questions. When asked whether she was currently planning for her 30-year-old marriage goal, she said "No".

Park Shin Hye said her parents advised her that women are at their prettiest before 30 years of age and are young and energetic, a perfect age to start one's family and have children, "I had the same mindset too in the past, but as I grow up, I've found out that I can do a lot of things that I have wanted to do. Marriage doesn't seem as magical as I imagined it to be anymore, so I don't have a specific plan of when to get married. I want to focus on my acting career and ace my acting projects. I also want to take up roles depicting professional careers, like the reporters in Pinocchio."

Known for her incredible cooking skills demonstrated during her guest appearance on  the popular Korean variety show 3 Meals a Day in May, Park Shin Hye went back to film for a 2nd guest appearance on the show last week, enabling the audience to see more of her Park Jang Geum skills. Responding to compliments about her cooking, she humbly said that her cooking skills are just average and that "seasoning" is her forte so she is quite good at cooking strong-tasting soups like Kimchi jigae and Doen Jang jigae. During her free time, she often helps out at her parents' Korean grill restaurant, which is a favorite among fans. 

Park Shin Hye is a natural beauty. Since she debuted at the age of 13, her physical appearance has remained beautiful. She said that there was a time when she thought her nose was imperfect, but now she thinks that "It is my trademark. It's unique." She thinks her eyes are her best feature, saying that she expresses her emotions through her eyes while she is acting. Earlier, there were reports claiming that she maintained her good body figure through a cucumber diet, a rumor that she vehemently denied. She said she eats like a normal person and does not go on special diets, and that she does a lot of sports and Pilates to maintain a good body shape.

An avid fan of driving around in a rental car during vacations, Park Shin Hye said she would like to visit Kenting area in Northern Taiwan. However, due to the far distance and time limit, she regrettably said she is not able to visit Kenting on this trip. Last year during her fanmeeting in Taiwan, she promised fans that she would return this year. "I am extremely grateful for being able to carry out my promise. I have to drink bubble tea this time I am here in Taiwan." Park Shin Hye said that she will increase interaction with fans at her fanmeeting this year, and will give out presents that she crafted herself.

Cr: Taiwan media.
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