Friday, December 25, 2015

[PHOTOS] Christmas Gifts for Park Shin Hye from PSHIFC

As mentioned in our donation post, with the money raised, we also donated some to the "Hyung" food truck. You can read it here: "Hyung" Food Truck For Shin Hye

Shin Hye wrote a message to her international fans thanking for the food truck:

"We worked hard on the set because of the healthy meal we had. Happy New Year." 
Thank you to everyone who donated to our Christmas project. With your donation, we were able to buy some presents for Shin Hye. Here is a list of what we bought her:

Jo Malone candle set
S'Well waterbottle
Moonstruck chocolates
Lindt's advent calendar chocolates
Dog toys
Top Shop jacket

(Gifts sent from PSH Peru)

We randomly drawn donors who will be receiving a little gift from us. The winners are:

Prize 1: MindBridge Fall/Winter 2015 Catalog Book (37 pages): PSH Peru

Prize 2: MindBridge Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog Book (25 pages):Patsy from HK

Prize 3: Heartstrings OST Part 1: Pank from Thailand

Prize 4: You're Beautiful official comic book + Japanese magazine <Mook 21> YAB special feature issue *collector's item alert* : Mohamed from Saudi Arabia

Prize 5 (2 winners) <SELF> Magazine September 2015 issue (cover will be randomly picked) : PSH Turkey and PSH Bolivia

Congrats to the winners! Everyone will be receiving bookmarks from us.

And thank you again to everyone who participated. Our next project is for Shin Hye's birthday and graduation. More information soon.


  1. Thanks PSH_IFC ♥♥...Omg I can see my letter T_T

    1. You're welcome! Glad that we could pass your letter to Shin Hye!

  2. How can i send a package to unnie shin ye for her birthday

    1. Hello, please send us an email at and we will provide you with information on that. Thank you!

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