Sunday, January 24, 2016

Park Shin Hye at the KBS Entertainment Weekly Interview

Park Shin Hye at the KBS Entertainment Weekly Interview

Rough Translation:

She looks like an angelic person.
This accessory shoot is the first on the schedule for this year. How is it being an accessory model? He asked if there was anything different with the latest collection.

There seems to be more detail. I noticed when I move the details pop out.

Then they heard something and looked up.  
Is it a rat? 
No, cars are being parked.

She's been an actress for 14 years. You should receive a life time achievement award.
Her appearance has not even changed. She looks the same as she did when she started 14 years ago. Do you feel time has gone by quickly or not? 

Think it's been going by just the way it should. There have been a few regrets, some satisfaction. Trying to find balance in work is fun.

Do you want to say something to your friends who debuted when young? 

Enjoy life. I've met many friends, traveled with my parents.

There is someone who already considers you a role model. Fiestar Cao Lu says Shin Hye really goes to school diligently. She sees if I try hard I can succeed that's why she is my role model.

(Not clear what Shin Hye said but words of encouragement)... "fighting!"

Where do you want to travel to? 

Last year, Europe.

How was it? 

It was incredibly hot. I went in July, but in the middle I went to Switzerland. I was really happy then. Mom joined and we travelled together.

So your wish came true? 


Did the Europeans notice you? 

No. I was backpacking. 

Last, singing is hard, so is dancing.
Yes since I haven't really done them it becomes difficult.  One can get rusty.  If you take time off from acting it shows. That's why I feel I shouldn't wait too long. I haven't done a KBS mini series... and she asks KBS to consider her.

Credit: Liz / @QBeeLL / PSH_IFC 
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