Wednesday, February 17, 2016

[FANPROJECT] Tweet Events for Park Shin Hye Birthday& Graduation

안녕하세요여러분 .

On the 15th & 18th Feb 2016, Park Shin Hye International Fanclub & other PSH Fanclubs have successfully conducted an online fan project; hashtag & numerous Tweet Events to get Park Shin Hye's fans all over the globe to join in the birthday & graduation celebration. With the hashtag #HappyShinHyeDay and #ShinHyeGradDay , all the fans have actively involved in posting tweets, photos, videos & posts to greet the one & only Park Shin Hye. To check for the hashtag result, simply click:

Birthday Hashtag:
Graduation Hashtag:

The graduation hashtag has gained so much attention, it is trending for more than 5 hours on Twitter in a few countries and trended as top spots in NATE, DAUM & Weibo:





Congratulations, Park Shin Hye~!

Now, below are the list of the Tweet Events conducted by @PSH_IFC for the birthday celebration:

 The result of the hashtag is :

We would like to thank everyone for joining the event and thank you for the poll votes. We had so much joy & fun organizing it and we hope that everyone are having a good time too. Till next time, 천고맙습니다~