Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[PHOTOS] "Hyung" VIP Premier

We were very fortunate in that our planned vacation coincide with Shin Hye's "Hyung" movie VIP showing. Our friends at the Korean Official Fanclub was able to get us tickets to watch the VIP showing twice with the cast visitation. Our vacation was completed with us seeing Shin Hye. She was so pretty!

We were able to attend TWO different showings! Here is the first one. Our pretty Shin Hye.

Click for link to video CLICK HERE In the video, you can see Shin Hye's eyes when she saw our admins ^^

Here is the second showing we've attended. We sat in the front row. After the viewing, Shin Hye and her co-stars answered some questions and gave out posters. We were so lucky Shin Hye called our seat number and we got a signed poster!!