Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Presents for Shin Hye 2016

Merry Christmas Starlight Angels! "Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year." The jingle bells, the snowflakes, the laughter, joy... make this festive season bright and cheerful. On behalf of our fanclub and Shin Hye's fans worldwide, we brought some special gifts to Shin Hye and her family for this holiday season.

Our admins visited Seoul this winter and brought the gifts to Shin Hye's mother at her grill restaurant. Shin Hye's omma was very happy to see the gifts and told us that she would pass them to Shin Hye for us. 

yumyumyum! The grill there is sooo delicious!!!

Here's what we got for them:

- A black FitBit Alta watch for our girl who loves sports. Now she has a tracker to keep track of her fitness and health data!

- A Savvy Infusion juicer bottle for Shin Hye. We are thinking that she could bring some vitamin water with her while she goes cycling or walking her dogs:

- Wisconsin maple syrup and Lindt chocolates for Shin Hye's family.

- Matching Santa and Elf costumes for Shinhye's dogs Bongji and Nori.

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May all your wishes and dreams come true!