Monday, January 2, 2017

[PROJECT] Park Shin Hye Birthday 2017: Fundraising for the Park Shin Hye Center #HappyShinHyeDay

Happy New Year everyone! The start of a new year signalizes that the most important day of the Starlight Angels fandom is coming up: Shin Hye's birthday! It's on the 18th of February and she is turning 28 years old (Korean age/27 in Western age)! This will be PSHIFC's 7th year celebrating with Shin Hye!

1) Fundrasier for Park Shin Hye Center
Every year, we donate to a charitable cause on behalf of Shin Hye for her birthday. This year, we will be fundraising for the children living at Park Shin Hye Center in the Philippines. Shin Hye opened the Center through Korea Food for the Hungry International in October 2016 for underpriviledged children. We would like to take this opportunity to ask for fans' generous donations and support toward this meaningful cause. By donating $20 USD or above, each donor will be automatically entered into our prize lucky draw. (see below for prizes!)

2) Twitter Hashtag Event
On February 18 2017, we would like to invite all Starlight Angels to tweet the hashtag #HappyShinHyeDay. We did a hashtah event for her graduation day on Feb 15 2016 and successfully got it trending on Twitter, Daum, Naver and various other websites. We hope this year we can do it again on her birthday!

Birthday Hashtag:

Read more on our tweet events for Shin Hye's Graduation and Birthday in 2016 here: 

3) Birthday Messages
We will be making a birthday scrapbook for Shinhye with Starlight Angels' birthday wishes for her. If you want to wish Shin Hye a happy birthday, please leave your message in the COMMENT area below or email us at Please include your name and the name of your country. All Starlight Angels are welcome to join! 

Here are some photos of the birthday message-box we gave Shin Hye last year with messages from fans worldwide:

4) Gifts
This year, we are planning to buy her one or two presents that will be useful to her. In order to do so, we again ask for all Starlight Angels' generous help. We will be accepting donation up until February 5th 2017.

Last year, we got her a birthday cake which is displayed at her parents' grill restaurant (Click here for photos of the gifts we gave her last year: ):

Every Starlight Angel who donates $20 USD or up will be automatically enrolled in a lucky draw for the following prizes:

1. Bruno Magli 2017 Calendar (1 winner)

2. Bruno Magli 2016 F/W promo booklet (2 winners)

3. Elle Magazine Hong Kong (1 winner)

We will also pick 20 donors for a Hyung promo leaflet each.

1. PayPal: Click on the PayPal button to donate
2. Bank transfer: This is available for starlight angels in the Philippines and Malaysia
3. Western Union
4. Checks: This is only available for starlight angels in the US

For other forms of donation and information pertaining to bank transfer, Western Union, and checks, please send an email to


If you have any questions regarding this fundraiser and/or how you can help, feel free to send us an email at

Thank you so much for joining our project and please help us spread the word! 


  1. Love you park shin hye and I wish you happy birthday and all the sucess of the world waiting for another awesome drama..I'm Maryam from tunisia ☺ ❤ ps: you have plenty of fans in tunisia and the Arab world..fighting unnie 💪❤

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  3. Hi. I have drawn four portraits of Park Shin Hye. And I am wondering, if it's not too much to ask, if you could somehow include even just the photos of these drawings in the scrapbook? I would really love for her to see these drawings. :)
    But if not, that's okay with me. I will just send my birthday greeting for her. :)
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jennifer, can you send us an email at I would like to know more about your drawing and if possible for you to send them to me to be included in our birthday box to Shin Hye.

  4. Shin Hye😘😘😍😍😍im youre diehardest fan..hope i will meet you someday..btw unnie...advance happy birthday even though it takes 1 month to be celebrated....but dont worry unnie MinShiners and PSH solid fan will love you always...ill' tweet unnie in youre exact birthday and i will post on my ig...hope youll' notice me unnie..but i think it will never happen..but its okay unnie as long as youre always okay and healthy😘😘😘😘LOVE YOU SHIN HYE UNNUE

  5. Happiest Birthday, Ms. Park Shin Hye ��I'm one of your million fans who adores you so much. I've been your fan during the 'Stairway to Heaven'series. I would really want to meet you in person even just for a minute, but I know that is not possible for now. I am hoping that you could read this message. It came from my heart. You almost have everything so I only wish you to be healthy, happy and stay humble. Soon when I have enough savings, I'll definitely visit Korea and I hope that I get the chance to meet you in person as well as to meet the sstarlight angels ☺. For now, I will continue to support and love you. ��

    With much love from the Philippines,
    Dorethy C.

  6. happy birthday park shin hye. hopefully healthy always, longevity, success in career, get the best mate, devoted to both parents, always friendly, not overbearing if meeting the fans, being the best artist in the world and I will continue to pray for you and become the best fans. I hope you memabaca messages I send for you. I really wanted to go to Korea to see you. I want to take pictures with you. happy birthday park shin hye.
    we are all the same love park shin hye of the entire fas in Indonesia
    #Auliana Putri of Indonesia

  7. Happy Birthday shinhye unni^^ I wish you all the best in life and more blessings to come this 2017! I'm your biggest fan and your my inspiration. I will continue to support you! I wish that you could read this hopefully^^ I hope that I could see you in personal. Happy Birthday again Shinhye unni!!❤��
    -Dianne Philippines^^

  8. Happy birthday shinhye!!! I wish u all the best in life..continue to be a blessing to others..your big heart really inspires us your fans to do the same and follow your little ways to help :)...more projects to come hopefully new drama this 2017..enjoy ur day and i know it will always be dream to see u in person but hoping one day I will ;) god bless u and love u shin hye!happy birthday :) -----Joy Samantha Philippines

  9. Happy birthday unnie Shin Hye. I wish you all the best in life. Stay humble and a very down to earth person as you are. Your smile makes our days shine and inspired. More inspiring and amazing projects to come. Stay healthy and safe always. GOD BLESS����. You havebus all the way. With bunch of LOVE from PHILIPPINES.

    Jeniffer Sevilla

  10. Happy 27th Birthday Shin Bye Unnie! Today is a special day for you and I hope you get to celebrate this day with your loved ones! Your acting caught my attention back in 2013 and I have been following you ever since! Hope you'll get to do your action dramas as you wished! All the best!

    With much love,
    Rafi from Singapore!

  11. Happy 28th birthday to our queen park shin hye.Today is your special day for you hope you enjoy and more blessings to come specially to your carrer queen!All the best!

    Your Avid Fan,
    Carmel from Hong Kong

  12. Happy birthday my beloved idol park shin hye. wishing you all the best although you now have it already 😍😍 more projects to come and i'm gonna watch all of it. saranghae Ms.Park Shin Hye FIGHTING.

    Peter July Bolinas one of your beloved fans who keep idolizing you from Philippines. 💝💓💗💖

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  14. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in whole world.
    You're beautiful and amazing and i will always love you.
    Have a wonderful day because you deserve it. I hope you enjoy your day.
    And i hope you have more projects this year so that people know and love you too.
    I'm from Latinoamérica and here many people loves you, and everyone wished for you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!.
    -Ane from México
    Te amamos mucho Shin Hye unnie.

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  16. Happy Birthday to you,Shinhye. Thank you to giving us your bright smile and introduce us the amazing and beautiful Dr. Yoo in Doctors at your 27yo. Wish you have more amazing project at your 28yo and more success on your career. Starlight Angels around the world will always loving you and support all the best for you. We love you Shinhye♥ by the way, i'm from Indonesia. i really hope you can come to my country for fan meeting or maybe for your holiday.. Indonesia have a lot of nice islands with the beautiful sea and beach, it will make you soo enjoy on your holiday Heheh. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU

    -Adinda Nawangwulan from Indonesia

    P.S: this year is my 7 years as starlight angel, i wish i can meet you on this year heheh. i love you Shinhye. Kiss and hug from Indonesia.

  17. Hello unnie ,it is me , your big fan Hagar. I love you unnie so much and love all your projects (movie or drama) and i love all of them .I love doctor yoo and her personality 💖 . Really I love your act and believe it
    I hope that you will make more projects which have a message for us and hope that you will be big star and big actress. Happy birthday unnie , I wish that you will be happy and healthy ❤ . Really hope that you have a good husband and happy family . Unnie don't forget smile, nothing else compare to your smile, When you are smiling, you are lighting up your fans day's 💜. Wish you happy birthday , Enjoyyyyyyy unnie it's your day.
    Hagar Alaa
    From Egypt (Arab fans support you all the time)

  18. Does my message have to be in englsih, or can it be in korean?

  19. My lovely little sister Park Shin-hye
    Happy birthday, I hope you enjoy celebrating your birthday and I wish the best luck for you and success in your business and your personal life.
    I'm Mohammed from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    You are such a sweet, cute and respectful person, and change me to love all the people never mind what are they!! you should know that you have many Arab fans who loved you, support you forever, so please don’t forget us.
    I would like to say for you THANK YOU, I will always support you no matter what's happen so please keep on and fighting.
    Love you & Best Wishes
    Mohamed Sunbae

  20. I'm Bianca Serra. Did you receive my message for the [PROJECT] Park Shin Hye Birthday 2017 ? Please answer me... I've sent my message by email and I don't have answer... I still have not received any confirmation from you...

    Bianca Serra.

  21. Happy birthday unnie park shin the I hope u will be more nice beautiful pretty and nice person I'm glad that u are the best actress u help many people and help children in our country I wish u will be more successful and more great person as always u do������

  22. i emailed my birthday greetings kamsahamnida!! <3

    1. Did you received an answer from ? Me I don't have any news...

      Bianca Serra.

  23. Are you know where is Park shin hye address ?

  24. I think your project is a scam. You did not give the scrapbook to Park Shin Hye and you will not give prizes to the participants.