Saturday, June 10, 2017

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye Fan Meeting - Flower of Angel in Hong Kong

Parkshinhye visited HK before but it rained everytime she visited. She thinks HK is a gorgeous city, wants to eat egg tarts.

Parkshinhye said fans think she is prettier + healthier when she puts on more weight, so she'll listen to her fans

ParkShinHye washed dishes at home, she broke one & hurt her fingers while tryin to cleanup. She went to hospital in HK ytd for disinfection

Sending audience tons of hearts and love during encore

Doctor Yoo:

Group photo with some Starlight Angels. Can you spot out admin?

Our flowers and banners and cupcakes for the FM! Aren't they the cutest? Perfect for our lovely Shin Hye.

These were handed out at the FM for the fans!

Our gift for Shin Hye:

At the press conference the day before:

Welcoming Shin Hye at the airport with our banner and bouquet of flowers.
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