Monday, August 14, 2017

Fun-filled Flower of Angel Fan Meeting in Manila 2017

When I first got to sit and look at all the fans gathered around the coliseum the first thing that came to mind was, "ahh, now I can retire!" LOL!

 Yes it was a success! Park Shin Hye's Manila leg of Flower of Angel 2017 Fan Meeting was a big success! The love and support that her fans, Starlight Angels, have shown her was overwhelming and heartwarming! Kiss of Angel March 2013 Fan Meeting screams may have filled the much bigger venue for our audience size before but Flower of Angel 2017's rocked, shook and reverberated outside of the nearly packed 7,000 concert capacity Smart Araneta Coliseum! 

We planned to have our invites changed into tickets early, leave then come back after lunch to line up for the 4pm opening of the gates. M
y friend got there 8ish while I got there 9ish. After seeing the winding queue outside the green Patron gate though, my friend was right, there really was no other choice but to stay. 

Classes were suspended that day but nothing can dampen the Filipino fans' love for Park Shin Hye, not even Tropical storm Gorio's heavy rains that has flooded areas of the Metro or the crazy long queue. By 3pm the crowd had multiplied 5 times over. 

My video clip got cut but here goes! 

Her entrance. Ahhh! You know how in concerts they start with a bang and it causes such a loud deafening sound of feet stamping, hands clapping, people almost in a frenzy shouting and jumping or bouncing on their seats, and the uproar doesn't die fast but lingers and hangs in the air? Yup, that is how Shin Hye's Filipino fans welcomed her! 

It was crazy! You'd think it was some rock star who entered with the kind of semi hysteria she was welcomed with. Wherever she faces and waves fans just clap and scream their heads off!

This link is for the intro and the whole song that I found on YT. 

Park Shin Hye in Manila 072817 (1/6) credit to Mrs. Park Chanyeol

Checked this fanvid of the entire intro and song and, if my ears are not playing tricks on me, the audience quieted for just three seconds near the end of the intro song then hell broke loose again. Then the yeeeys and yaaahs and the hoots and cheers when she spoke Pilipino was almost as loud as her entrance. It was deafening. 

I too approve of her not having an emcee. A good part of the success of this move though rests on how fast and how well the translator is and Ms Sam Oh was just the perfect "voice" for Shin Hye that night. Her tone and inflection captured Shin Hye's to a tee! Thank you Miss Sam Oh! 

With Shin Hye's every little squeal, whine, wave, pout, cute remark and gesture you can literally hear people sighing and giggling or laughing. It was like a toddler with her captive audience! 

So Shin Hye had five segments with songs and slide shows in between- there's the Doctors' portion with clips from Doctors, the poses with fans, the consultation with Dr Yoo Hye Jung then there's the cooking portion and the song contest. 

The wholesome part. So Shin Hye was discussing Doctors drama clips and she cut the vendo machine scene just as they were about to kiss and everybody was screaming their heads off, me included, "NOOOOOO!" She teased and said "ahh so you're that type of fans huh!" Then explained that her kids from Shin Hye Center were in the coliseum watching thus the whole FM has to be wholesome. Everyone laughed, groaned and complained aloud. I screamed, " cover their eyes!" while laughing. She just laughed and continued on to the other clips. She chose one of my favorite scenes, the one where Hye Jung told Ji Hong to leave her and go where he belongs. Love her subtle acting there!

The Doctors' poses portion gave the fans a chance to rest their vocal chords and just go ooh and aah and wishing their names had been called. 

The consultation portion had a touch of drama but SH's positive and pragmatic treatment... actually very much like Dr Yoo Hye Jung's straightforward character mixed with the affectionate Park Shin Hye, raised the portion away from being maudlin to being affirming and practical. 

The cooking portion... Ahh, so involved was the audience with the whole food prep process that they were aghast with "unfamiliar ingredients" Shin Hye was putting into the sandwich and even stopped her from putting mustard. Each was probably thinking, "if she calls me on stage I'm going to have to force myself to eat that!"

Wondered what the buzz was about when Shin Hye placed some avocado slices on the sandwich and remembered, to us Filipinos, except for those who are familiar with guacamole, avocado is more popular as a dessert than as a savory dish. 

There wasn't a dull moment! Even when she was cutting eyes and nose for the rabbit rice balls it was like everyone was waiting for each and every reaction she was going to have to which the audience wasn't disappointed and oohed, aaahed, smiled, sighed and/or giggled. It was crazy!

The theme song contest... ahh this one does not need any description. Just watch any one of the videos out there or any of Shin Hye's pictures there and you would know how much fun everyone had, Shin Hye most of all! Kudos to the fan who won! Thank you for making that portion so much fun! We're proud of you! 

It was a weird ending for me maybe because I didn't want it to end yet. LOL! Shin Hye did the usual selfie stick pictures and, here's something that is signature Shin Hye, as she was doing the rounds of the selfie-with-the-audience pictures, center first then to her left then as she was angling for the right-side audience the upper center group chanted something Korean. My guess is they're saying one more picture with us. My ears were probably shutting close by this time knowing that the event is already winding down because I did not catch the translation of what Shin Hye said but what she did was, she listened to the chant, said something then took the right-side picture as she had intended before taking another center picture. My bae is no pushover! She will listen but will always do what she thinks is right. Nice Shin Hye!

She sang one more song before waving to everyone goodbye. I didn't want to go yet but the next and just as nice part of every fan meeting is coming- getting together with other fans. 

Some special mentions...


Park Shin Hye Mahal Kita, mahal kita means I love you! In Filipino though it can mean more that. It also means "you are precious to me", "I treasure you", "you are dear to me" all of which are but apt for every Starlight Angel's feelings for Shin Hye! Special note has to be made for those who made the banner possible.Thank you to these individual Starlight Angels, Bryan @smelly-poop and his brother for the design and making the banners appear at the event like magic, Rachel @LoveMyHacci and Mayen @sanplawer for their input and financial support. 

And then, there's Mr Ben Chan! He came an hour before the event started and was hobnobbing with the celebrities and personalities at the front. Mr Ben Chan gave us "older" fans a seat at the front among the reserved seats. My heart was bursting as I walked closer and closer to the stage! Fourth row from the front! I thanked each of my grey hair for that! LOL! 

credit to photo owner/@benchtm

At the end as people were going out Mr Chan and I happen chanced to glance at each other across the rows of chairs and I said thank you very much and bowed and he bowed back, even pressing his palms together like a monk and bowed again. I laughed, and as he glanced at someone, the lady beside me, nudged me and said, "kilala ka nya o!(look he recognizes you)". I said, "of course not!" and laughed. So I glanced back at him and he was doing this finger heart sign at me! I laughed and with my shock I did the same sign but the wrong way- forefinger over the thumb and twisted my hand too! I was grinning but LOL-ing deep inside. Thank goodness someone interrupted him! 

I can never thank him and Bench enough for bringing Shin Hye to Manila. One may say, "but he got money out of it!" Yes, that may or may not be true but he could have chosen any other Korean actress or KPop idol but he didn't! He got Park Shin Hye and that is a big enough deal for me! 

The only glitch of that evening was this Patron gate guard's negligence of duty that caused a near stampede with people being squished. I tried to calm down this young girl beside me who got so scared she was about to cry. this guard should have known the order of which group should go in first and which comes next! We were there very early but we were relegated to the back and side seats because of that stupid mistake. I heard Lee Min Ho's much bigger crowd was better managed! Who do we complain this to? 

Am going to give the last words to a dear friend and sister Starlight Angel, Branny/Meh @meh_rian, who, like the lyrical virtuoso that she is, have put how I felt that night into words so perfectly.

"You know the best thing about the fanmeet was the overwhelming support from her fans. Like I came there hoping for the best but I never imagined that thousands of people would go there to finally meet her. As a fan, it felt so surreal it was awesome."  ~Meh, @branwen 

by @vira65/Elvie for PSH_IFC