Sunday, December 8, 2019

[PHOTOS] Park Shin Hye's "Voice of Angel" Fanmeeting in Seoul - December 08, 2019

December 08, 2019 Park Shin Hye hosted her very first fan meeting where she was also the MC. The mood of this fan meeting was very intimate as Shin Hye was able to talk to the fans directly. And what a night to remember. Two and a half hours went by so fast. Shin Hye sang, danced, and played games with her fans as well as pick questions from fans and answered them.

Shin Hye started the FM with a song and then afterward, a board was brought in which we have written and voted for her best character - Doctor Yoo, Cha Eun Sang, Choi In Ha, Go Dok Mi, and Go Mi Nam. The winner of this poll was Doctor Yoo!

Throughout the fan meeting, Shin Hye sang songs from her dramas and songs that the fans had voted on prior to the event. It was nostalgic hearing her sing her songs from older drama. It brought back so many memories.

Prior to the fan meeting, SALT had asked people to send in their questions and requests to Shin Hye. From this, some people's questions/requests were selected. One male fan wanted a ringtone of Shin Hye saying good morning. Shin Hye asked for his phone and recorded him a message. It was so cute! There was another fan who was in middle school who attended the same school as Shin Hye. Another was one of the Chinese admin, Flower. There were five people in total who were selected and each of them received a Mamonde gift bag.

Shin Hye was super adorable. She said she had a surprised for us. It was a song that was very popular nowadays. She took out the baby shark hairband and danced and sang to the Baby Shark song. How adorable is that?

After singing and some more talks with the fan, Shin Hye went backstage and came out for her dance number. And wow, she rocked it - amazing beyond words.

Shin Hye is not only a very talented actress, her dance is on par with idols (of course she started out her training to be an idol).

After her dance routine, Shin Hye interacted with the fans and sang some more. We got to watch a video of her and her dad out fishing. They're the cutest daughter and father duo. So much love between the two. And it was great being able to see some part into her private life.

Then it was time for games! It was charade. She had headphones on and couldn't hear so the teams each had to take turn trying to make Shin Hye guess the correct answers. It was so much fun watching. The winners got an Olivia Burton watch each. Lucky fans!

After the games because the fans in the audience also wanted to win some prizes, Shin Hye had one Mojosphine tee left. She drew the seat number from a tin.

(Goodies bag that Shin Hye's mom and brother prepared for the fans. So sweet)

Of course what is a FM without a surprise for our lovely lady? Beforehand, the Korean Official Fanclub alongs with PSHIFC, PSH Thailand, PSH Baidu, and Pinkle donated funds to create individual banners for all the fans in attendance. The fund also went toward buying her a cake as a surprise. 

A video played on the screen for Shin Hye. When it came to the part, everyone in the audience held our poster and screamed out, "Park Shin Hye, Saranghaeyo!!"

The cake was rolled out on stage. Shin Hye was so touched. She had tears in her eyes. 

Before the FM, Shin Hye heard that many fans from different countries were in attendance. She was so thankful for everyone for attending, she greeted us in English, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai. It was such a sweet gesture. Love this girl. When the cake was brought out, Shin Hye was overwhelmed with the love we all gave her. 

Shin Hye expressed that she was sorry for having to cancel her other fan meetings this year (one in Thailand and one in Taiwan) due to venue booking issues as well as disappointment that her movie, CALL, was delayed in release. She wanted to meet her fans through these events, but unfortunately they didn't happened. She also talked about because of these delays, there were rumors going on about her. She later said that because of her fans and those who had been with her for ten years and more, she felt she could go on and that her fans are her biggest blessing.  Click PART I  PART II for subbed video of her speech.

After the fan event, Shin Hye closed the fan meeting by singing another medley of her songs from her dramas.

We had such a memorable night with her. She put in her very best to meet with her fans. We could see all the effort she put in to this night. This FM was very meaningful to Shin Hye as well as to us. The last time our PSHIFC admins attended one of her FMs together was almost ten years ago at ANSHOW. We have attended her other FMs and events between the years, but never together until now. It brought so much memories back. It was also meaningful and special in that so many Shin Hye fan clubs were in attendance. It was wonderful seeing everyone again and for the first time. Not only that, we were able to meet so many wonderful fans from different countries there. This goes to show how much Shin Hye is loved. She said her fans are her blessings, but we think she is ours.

A big thank you to our friend, Benard, for his wonderful pictures!

Videos/clips of the fan meeting

Shin Hye singing "Pitch Black"
Shin Hye's Opening song