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Seoul, South Korea (2019.12.08): Park Shin Hye Voice of Angel Fan Meeting
This FM was so special as it brought so many fans from all over the world together in one room. We have the FCs from China, Taiwan, us (IFC), Hong Kong, Thailand all in one room. When Shin Hye came on stage and said hello, she greeted all of us in English, Chinese, Thai knowing that she had many fans from other countries there.

Seoul, South Korea (2018.11.28): Park Shin Hye's "Memories of the Alhambra" VIP Showing
Because of real life, the only time we could actually go to Seoul was in November. Again, our trip was planned out in April without a clue that Shin Hye would have any activity around the time we're in Seoul. But what do you know? When it came time for our vacation, "Memories of the Alhambra" was doing an advanced VIP showing of episode one with cast visits! And there we were again, with our friends from the Korean Official Fanclub, in the movie theater watching the drama along with the cast.

Seoul, South Korea (2016.11.23): Park Shin Hye's "Hyung" VIP Showing
We have already planned our vacation to Seoul for November without thinking that Shin Hye's movie, "Hyung" would be releasing at that time. When the time neared, we heard there would be advanced VIP showing of the movie as well as cast visits. We were so fortunate thanks to our friends at the Korean Official Fan Club, we were able to view the movie twice and see Shin Hye twice. Our trip was complete.

Hong Kong (2015.09-6.13): Park Shin Hye Asia Tour: Dream of Angel
At this event, our admin was able to play a game with Shin Hye and won a signed #S photobook of Shin Hye. The event was held at a local mall where fans were able to interact with Shin Hye as well as get her autograph. This was her Hong Kong stop for her 2015 Asia Tour.
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Los Angeles (2013.09.13): Set of "The Inheritors"
Hearing that Shin Hye's drama, "The Inheritors," was coming to the US to film, PSHIFC made plans to visit her on the set. We flew in to LA with hardly any sleep as our flight was canceled until the morning! We spent the morning wondering LA until we got the ok to visit her and visit her we did. It was absolutely fantastic.
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Manila, Philippines (2013.03.16): Kiss of Angel Asia Tour
Park Shin Hye's popularity skyrocketed and it was time for her to meet her international fans. PSHIFC cooperated with the Filippino organizer to kickstart Park Shin Hye's Asia tour fan meetings with her first stop in Manila, Philippines.

Hong Kong (2012.04.19/20): Dr. G Aquasis Promotional Events
PSHIFC worked with the organizer to organize and contact fans for the two events held in Hong Kong. One of them was a fansigning and the other a private meeting with Shin Hye and fashion bloggers. Fans were able to interact with Shin hye during both days.
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Tokyo, Japan (2012.07.16): Heartstrings Fanmeeting
A year after the drama, "Heartstrings," ended in Korea, Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa came together to meet their Japanese fans! This is their first and only fanmeeting together. They sang, talked, and play several games with the audience.
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Zepp Tokyo, Japan (2011.02.24): Ssnizel "Angel's Birth" Fan Meeting
Shin Hye's very first solo Japan fanmeeting. This was held at the Zepp center in Tokyo. There were about 2800 people in attendance. OFC members were able to high five her after the show. Shin Hye was brilliant! She also sang her special song for the fans.
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Tokyo, Japan (2011.10/11): Business Trip and Guest JKS Concert
In October, Shin Hye came to Japan to sign her contract with the Japanese entertainment agency, IMX. Later in November, she came again as a guest for JKS' concert at Tokyo Dome.
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Seoul: Set of "Heartstrings" (2011.07)
For two days we got to watch Shin Hye filmed her drama "Heartstrings" at the Seoul Institute of the Arts campus and also in Namdong-gu, Incheon marketplace. She was absolutely stunning and was so happy to see the two of us there. Our time with her is always precious and memorable.
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Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo, Japan (2010.12.03-05): Set of "Sensation World/Hayate"
We spent three days in the idyllic replica of Huis Ten Bosch, Netherlands in Huis Ten Bosch, Japan. We got to see her film and talked to her all three days. We were able to give our "Bringing Christmas to Shin Hye" presents to her. With not a lot of people there, our time with her was very private and special.

Taipei, Taiwan (2010.10.02): ANSHOW
They were running late to the Afterparty so we didn't have quite as much time as before but with the time given us, we saw her put on some accessories sent from our members, put a doggy octopus toy on her head, and posed beautifully for us and with us. We were so sad waving goodbye to her as she waved back from within the elevator.

Shibuya, Japan (2010.06.26): ANJELL FM
We stared star-struck as she walked into the room. We couldn't believe this was happening since we were merely paces from her. Our meeting was 20 minutes long and within that time period, we gave and show her all the presents we had/made/were sent for her. It was unforgettable.