Our Brand

Park Shin Hye International Fan Club Trademarks

PSHIFC ™ | PSH_IFC™ and its taglines, symbols and logos are trademarks of the Park Shin Hye International Fan Club. The trust that our members, Park Shin Hye’s supporters, and the general public has put on us for the past three years is crucial to the organization; hence, the creation of our trademark policy.

Our trademark policy is created with the following objectives:

1. To ensure that the trademarks continue to be indicators of the authenticity, security and quality of materials and other information coming from the organization;

2. To permit members and affiliates, with due permission from the administration, to accurately describe their association with the organization;

3. To encourage the proper use of the trademarks and other information that are identified with and / or directly come from the organization;

4. To control the use of the trademarks and other information, to avoid confusion on the part of the organization members, users and the general public; and

5. To maintain the value of the image and reputation of our trademarks, and to protect them from unauthorized use.

Our trademarks are characterized by the following:

1. Proper Form – PSHIFC trademarks, such as its logo, should be used in their exact form – neither abbreviated, edited, distorted nor combined with any other words, characters and marks.

2. Distinguishable Visual Guidelines – No other organization may copy the look and feel of PSHIFC’s identifiable look and feel, in all its recognized websites and user accounts in social platforms, its trademarks being set apart from surrounding text – either by capitalizing, italicizing, bolding or underlining it – and from symbols, which may compromise the legitimacy of the organization.

If you have any doubt in the use of our trademarks, including clauses which may not be covered by the policy’s objectives and characteristics, please get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you are aware of any breach or misuse of our trademarks, we would appreciate you bringing this to our attention, so we can address this in the soonest possible time.